Friday, February 7, 2014

Keeping up with: The Scott's

So it's been a pretty tough winter for training.  Most winters I do a bit of running and prep for a 50k trail run in March.  This season was time for something new.  When the polar vortex hit, I started taking some classes at the local gym: a mix of sports conditioning classes (which are great for cardio) and mixing in a bit of upper body strength training.  More importantly, I have been trying to get to at least one yoga class and one Pilates class a week.  The yoga is a no brainier for injury prevention and flexibility. Pilates is great for core conditioning, and within a couple weeks you can really feel a difference on the bike.  I can feel a stronger engagement of my core muscles, as if they are helping my legs turn the pedals.  Oddly enough, I don't see many riders in these classes.  We'll see if these classes make a difference when the early season endurance schedule kicks in.

In addition to the winter gym kick, I've been trying some new outside the box thinking when it comes to diet and weight workouts.  I've been taking tidbits of information from Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Body book.  The title is misleading.  Ferris has actually worked out with some of the top trainers and athletes in the world.  Not a gifted athlete himself, he has figured out the 20% of training methods/information/workouts which get you 80% of the results you desire.  Johnny shortcut?  Maybe. But it's better than trial and error or learning "the hard way".   It's worth a quick read if you want to get a full gym workout in 30 minutes, or find a few exercises to strengthen your weak areas.  I especially like his AB exercises.  No more crunches for this guy.

Scottie is now working with Chris Eatough for his off season training.  Chris was Scottie's childhood hero - he must have watched the 24 hour solo movie 100 times.  Chris is also a heck of smart guy and he has a career of knowledge to offer young riders and old alike.  He has gotten Scottie to focus without being overbearing.  Hopefully, with Chris' help, Scottie is building a strong base for a successful and injury free season.

Both Scott's just ordered new rides for 2014 thru Mercury Endurance.  The folks at Mercury Endurance have been great to work with this past year and we are proud to be sponsored by them.  I just wish they had a shop in Fallston.  Maybe next year.

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