Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joe's Ready to Roll!

Year of Change

It has been a while since I have posted a blog post, and that could be partially to blame on all the changes that have happened in the past year.  The last time I posted a blog write up was about this time last year and I tell you what…a lot has changed since then.  So where did I leave off?  Well this time last year I was just starting a new job with working in the security and loss prevention field, started to do some actually training on the bike and trying to find a rhythm in my life.  All was going well, was enjoying the job, was getting fast, stronger, and better on the bike bringing home some nice placing, and life was going well!  Going into 2013 I didn’t have a ton of cycling goals other than to have fun, race at nationals, mix it up a bit and complete all three Michaux Race Series races in the 20 miler field.  I met all those goals and ended up with some good results.  I took 5th at Nationals in my category, completed many different races I never been to before and had a blast, and took 2nd place in my field overall for the Michaux Race series! 

The big change in my life came around the middle of the year, let’s call it in the middle of June, early July.  Around that time I decided that I really didn’t like working for “THE MAN” (to me a big faceless corporation who chews up and spits out workers in order to make a couple $$ and in the name of feeding consumerism…or something like that).  So at this point I decided it was time to embrace my love and passion for this whole cycling thing and decided I wanted to get into the bike industry….even threw out the idea of opening my own shop (I think it was a good idea that I didn’t follow through too far with that one).  It so happened that around this time Fast Forward Racing Productions and Fast Forward Racing Team also picked up Mercury Endurance Cycles as a new shop sponsor hooking us up with all sorts of goodies.  It also happened that this was in Hagerstown, MD and the owner Jamie was looking to hire a new Shop Manager as his current mechanic was about to leave the country for about a year.  Therefore in July I quit my job at Amazon making a decent wage to go work at a bike shop an hour away from my house and truly start to live the hippy cyclist life style (and I mean that with the utmost love). 
Thus started my transition into the bike hippy world as I sank into the world of bikes, cyclists, lycra, and chain grease…and at this point I don’t regret my decision.  Now I get to come to work, with my dog, in comfortable clothes, who cares how my hair looks, work on and around bikes all day, and be around people who love it all almost as much as I do!  It is cool to be able get my foot into the cycling industry world at a shop that’s in its infancy and be able to have influence on how things are done and work side by side with the owner almost as if I am a partner in it all.
                So here I am starting off 2014 in a job that I Iove, around people that are pleasant to be around, and doing things I enjoy doing.  There is so much more to get everyone caught up on that hasn’t followed my shenanigans but I just don’t have the time to write it all down.  Hopefully I can do better keeping up with it this year.  So with that--- BRING IT ON 2014, LET THIS BE A GREAT YEAR!  

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