Wednesday, November 20, 2013


From Young Ripper Gunnar Landis:

"It was a hot sunny day and the wind was blowing good luck to me. It took

me and my dad 1 hour to get there. When I got there I was shocked that

there was a big village. I got regged up and put my number on. I did one

practice lap before the race and fell in love with the course! There were

whoops, a LONG sand section, wooden steps, big uphills and downhills,

and a little bit of rocks! Finally I arrived at the start and in 1 minute the

whistle shot off. There were two 14 year olds and 2 eleven year olds. I shot

out of the gate like RAGING BULL! I was ahead but they were still on my

tail. It made made me go even harder. I only had two more laps left and I

was 4 minutes ahead. I crossed the finish line and I was ahead by 4

minutes and 36 seconds. They announced GUNNAR LANDIS the winner of

the U14 class. A big grin showed up on my face and I got my medal. I stood

on the podium and held the flag. Me and my dad left the race and got lost.

but we were on track again and we made it home. I went home and took a

big nap. The next morning I woke up and was ready for... Stoudts Cross!"

Gunnar standing on the podium at

Swashbuckler CX.

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