Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A yearr of Riding and Racing in Pictures!

*Greenbrier AMBC

*Starting the year off with a dusty race in TX

*Blueberries at Canaan, WV

*Barrier Hoppin at Marysville CX Relay

*the Six-Pack at Marysville CX Relay

*Marysville CX Relay

*Dirtfest at Raystown Lake

*Canaan, WV

*3-pack of Barriers at Rocktown Cross

*Hilly Billy UltraCX

*SS Podium at Hilly Billy Roubaix UltraCX

*Hilly Billy UltraCX

*Traveling to the Hilly Billy Roubaix UltraCX

*Start of the Iron Hill Endurance Race

*Monarch Crest Trail in CO

*Monarch Crest Trail in CO

*Crewing @ Leadville 100 Ultra Run

*Rocktown Cross

*West Chester Cross: Run-up

*Sprint for 2nd at West Chester Cross

*Elite Podium at West Chester Cross

*SS podium at Three Peaks USA

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