Monday, May 14, 2012

From Scott Sr in regards to their Weekend Trip

Ride to Bethany was pretty cool.  We started around 7:30 am, rode thru Bel Air and to Sean’s place in Havre de Grace.  Sean hooked us up with some quick bike adjustments, then rode us across the Susquehanna.  It would have been a long swim and riding across the bridge would have been a death wish.  Once in Perryville, we were back in the saddle and churned up the west side of the bay on Route 7, nice and quiet.  As we went around the horn and into to Delaware, we came real close to Iron Hill, then crossed the 896 bridge with no problem – one lane was closed to traffic.  When we got into the flatland, we were blessed with a nice tailwind that had us laughing and going screaming fast.  Spinned out a couple times.  Scottie had a huge screw in his tire near Smyrna, and we spent the next ½ hour McGivering a tire boot with a dollar bill –worked great, and it was Scottie’s idea.  All was fast and easy after that until I flatted east of Dover.  That meant we were out of tubes and I failed to remember to bring the patch kit.  Scottie played with a black snake on the road, we got a new patch kit at the auto parts store, and we were all the talk at the Food Lion where we wheeled our rides into the store to get some food.  Got into Bethany around 6:30, so 11 hours on the road.  Next year it’s the Outer Banks in 2 days.  With the wind at your back it’s the easiest 145 miles you’ll ever ride.  With the wind in your face you’ll want to call a cab. 

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