Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scotts Trainin'

As the 2014 season kicks into higher gear, its a good time to assess whats transpired to date and what it means moving forward. This season both Joe and I have been utilizing the service of Zach Adams for training plans. Zach has been providing his plan thru training peaks, which I really like. The website, as directed by the coach, sends you an email every days with your training plan for the following day, giving you enough time to plan your day around fitting it in and either dreading it or looking forward to it. Focusing more on what I do on the bike this year when I do have a chance to ride has been a game changer for me. Not a group rider anyway, this has been a relatively easy transition. What I am finding is that if you want to focus on training, scheduling to meet up with a bunch of other riders of varying abilities doesn’t always work well. Training with focus is a lonely. For me, that’s ok. Focusing on a specific interval set actually allows me to focus on something other than thinking about work or all that is on my plate. Its my time on the bike, even if it hurts, and after completing a hard workout, it pretty rewarding. While there have been goals set for the year (why we set our all our goals based on the time it takes the earth to around the sun I don’t know – think annual budgets, sports records – bizarre). Anyway, a goal might be to lose 20 pounds. A system would be to eat healthy every day. My goal was to improve in the endurance realm. The system is sticking to a training plan, resting when I need rest, eating well, and preparing for each race, like its my job. Basically taking control over the things I can control. While setting goals is important, putting the systems in place to make it happen is the difference maker. One would assume that at 47 I would have figured this out long ago, but alas, it has been an eye opener.

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